Tips for an Awesome Trip to London

London has a rich culture, and it is without question one of the greatest cities on the planet. Here are 6 tips for an awesome trip to London.

Skip the London Eye

If you want a great view of London that doesn’t come with a Disneyland size line, climb to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral and you will get amazing 360-degree views from one of the largest and most iconic churches in the world. Another amazing view that was recommended to me by some locals is the hike to the top of Primrose Hill at night.

Tower of London

It is one of the most touristy things to do in the city and it’s a bit pricey but something you have to see. The history is incredible plus I just feel special anytime I going to go inside a castle. By joining a freebee theatre tour you will learn a lot and those guys are hilarious. Also, if you don’t want to wait in line to buy your tickets, you can buy them online if you know what day you will be visiting. You can also get them at the gift shop right outside the Tower Hill tube stop for the same exact price.

Take the Tube Everywhere

Take the tube everywhere and be impressed by what is probably the greatest public transportation of any city in the world. Just buy an oyster card and you are good to go. Helpful hint: download the app citymapper, just type your destination and it will tell you the best routes, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Just be aware the app only works if you have an international data plan or if you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Stuff Your Face

Get your face all up in London’s amazing food scene. Gone are the days of terrible British food, London is now a world-class food city. The gastropub scene is ridiculous and the Indian food will make you cry tears of curry joy. Try the butter chicken of Punjab, it is just plain awesome. There is usually a line but where there’s a line there’s something worth waiting except for. Also, fish and chips may be too ubiquitous but try traditional meat pie chips instead.

Explore Some of London’s Awesome Neighborhoods

Go to Notting Hill and check out the market on Portobello Road, get up the funky and awesome Camden and see where Amy Winehouse used to hang out. You can also head outside the touristy center of London to Broadway market and Hackney for great drinks, good vibes, and some awesome sourdough pizza. Dine in or grab a pie to go and have a picnic in nearby London fields.

Get Lost

Throw out the guidebook and just get lost for a day. Explore a little neighborhood, get to know some friendly locals over a spot of tea, get day drunk on some awesome beer at a pub, see some incredible theater, or just take a stroll and people watch. This is a big incredible city and there is a lot to do, don’t stress about singing at all just have a good time.